UNDERSTANDING PATTERNS– Look at old assumptions that are holding you back from what you want to experience and using them to propel you forward.


Connecting to the Soulful Purpose of your Business Workshop

Connecting your soulful purpose
to ​your company's 
​soulful purpose

Units of intelligence

Learn UNITS OF INTELLIGENCE which are non-traditional energy transformation skills that enable you to harmonize corporate energy systems

Fulfillment in your heart results in fulfillment in your bank account.
Johanna Carrol

$500 per person

This unique experience helps you discover the deeper meaning and purpose that links you and your business  to expand possibilities and profitability. 

CONNECTING TO YOUR JOY AT WORK – Understanding and feeling into your soul-filled purpose

PARTNERING – Find ways to merge the dharmas into aligned action.

HARMONIZING – Learn to transform opposing thoughts and channel the energy in those thoughts toward alignment of your purpose and that of your business.

The Golden Rule of Nature is to Expand...Fibonacci Observation

ALIGN your dharma with the dharma of your business.
In Yoga, the sanskrit word for purpose is Dharma and living your unique purpose is one of the great joys of life. Did you know that businesses also have a Dharma? Did you know they also have a unique purpose and reason for being? A company comes into being to express itself and its unique contribution. And this soulful purpose wants to find expression in the world through you and with you. 
Dharma is more than YOUR purpose. it is an opportunity to bring the collective dharmas together in harmony for enhanced expansion and creativity. This is the power and intention of the soulful purpose offering experience.
Not “business as usual"

This UNIQUE experience helps you discover the deeper meaning and purpose that links you, your team and your business. Learn to distinguish voice from head (should) and voice from heart (would love to). This is not about doing what is right or what you think you SHOULD do; this is helping to direct actions that allow fulfillment to flow.

You matter, what you do matters. Help your business matter.
When the leadership team of a company gets in touch with their individual soulful purpose and aligns with the business soulful purpose, harmony ensues and prosperity flows.

This is not about finding the right answers or the right action plan.

Joy bubbles up from within. You will be amazed when your heart speaks what it tells you about what excites you. Inspiration and joy are at the root of soulful purpose, not required action and mandated sacrifice. Give your management team a bit of space and time to connect to your true desires. The energy invested will provide returns beyond the bottom line.