Why Now

Many of us have explored the notion of having a reason for being - a raison d'etre - a larger point to our life. And many of us assume that this purpose is separate or different from our "work". But what if work is here to foster your purpose and enhance your reason for being. And equally exciting is what if your business has a reason for being and it needs you to find its fulfillment in the world? What if you are working in concert to harmonize your purposes' to enliven your lives and the lives the business touches - that is the power of connecting to yours and your companies Soulful Purpose. 

What to expect

What this is not

Who Should Attend

This Soulful Purpose Business Experience is for Executive Management Teams ready to expand the capabilities and possibilities inherent in their business and within themselves. It is for entrepreneurs, business leaders, leadership teams, and people aspiring to find even greater fulfillment and upliftment within themselves and their companies.

The time for hard work and over efforting is giving way to alignment and allowing of the natural prosperity and well-being desired by all living beings - including the living being called your business. Fortunately, the prosperity and joy we seek wants us as much as we want it. Through this unique experience, you and your management team can coalesce your energies to the enhancement of all, and big benefit, increase profits to boot. So, if you ever felt like what is the point, now is the time to re-connect to that which you have yearned for all along - real contribution, real meaning, real peace and real prosperity!

Connecting your soulful purpose
to ​your company's 
​soulful purpose

Connecting to the Soulful Purpose of your Business:

​A Team Experience for Creating Shared VISION & Shared PURPOSE

This is not a traditional business visioning workshop meant to establish goals and coerce a mission statement. We desire this to be a grand opportunity to tap into the huge wealth-spring that is at the core of you and your corporation. There is abundance and contribution that your business has been calling forth, there is abundance and contribution that you have been calling forth - now you can work together to align your energies and magnify your efforts.

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